Our story


In three, almost four, years, our entire lives changed.

We started dating, decided to start a business, got engaged, and got married. Looking back now, it sounds crazy, but we would probably not have had it any other way. Who we are today is definitely not who we were back then. Today, we stand here as a work of art in God's hands, being continuously molded day in and day out, trusting His ultimate plans for our lives and seeking them like never before.

We first picked up our cameras back in high school, when California and New York were the dreams we were chasing after. Our hearts were set on those dreams but God's heart was not. We had no idea that we would even cross paths in life, but in 2013 our story began to unfold, one that we could not have written any better ourselves, even if we tried. These have been some of our most beautiful years. We have been tested and challenged, pruned and polished to be better versions of ourselves, we have learned what falling in love means, and we have learned that hardships are meant for blessing. If these years are merely a shadow of the rest of the story God has prepared for us, then we honestly cannot wait for the rest. It has not been easy, but we'd do it all over again just to get where we are right now.


Then, fast forward to 2018 and getting married took us to a whole new level.

Now we had experience of what life looks like on the other side. Even within the first six months, we gained insight that we desperately needed to take our company much farther than where it had been, and now, with so much more purpose. We wholeheartedly, and more than ever before, believe in marriage, in the hard work that it will take to make it till the end, and in the fact that God designed it to be a reflection of His love on this earth.


So we're here to tell you that our job is much more than just behind a camera.

The real responsibility we have is to take care of you, to serve as a reminder that marriage is worth it, and to encourage you every step along the way.

We're all on the same ride, so trust us when we say that we got your back and we're here for you, 100%, before, during, and after it all happens.

- The Tineo