Whenever a full film is completed, we usually have some kind of commentary to add through a few words, a description we wanted to include to give you a better whole picture of the couple or the day in general. With this one though, we were taken aback by the fact that it left us completely speechless. From the way the prep was executed by the bride and the groom, to the sweet exchange of physical gestures throughout the day, and then wrapping up the night partying their hearts away with their loved ones, we have no words to add to tell you about Jose and Sheyla.

We cannot describe their personalities individually and as a couple in a better way than these moving images can and we absolutely consider that is what made this film what it is. Even though we did the filming and editing, these two completely let us in to see who they are and we cannot thank them enough for having done so because they made our job so much more special.

Meet the Marichals.