So in case you didn't know that a Puerto Rican and a Dominican make for one hot and spicy combo, now you do. These lovers are seriously some of the most hilarious people we have had the chance to cross paths with down life's road. What we're used to is that for most weddings, the climax of the day is usually the ceremony...NOT this time though. The build up of the day had been leading up to the paaaarty (not gonna lie, they made us dance, so we went with it). There was no denying that even though the rest of the day had been incredibly special, they were honestly ready to #gobigorgohome with all of their guests.

Upon our first meeting, we instantly knew that Noelia had a sweet and sassy personality and Manny was a bit more reserved and slightly quiet. We were TOTAAALLLY proved wrong about Manny though - he killed it on the dance floor with his girl right by his side. It goes without saying that there are all kinds of couples, some are "cute" at first glance, but Manny and Noelia are so much more than that. We think they are exceptionally special, radiating so much joy and such a bright outlook on life, something that we truly treasure about this couple. Before the wedding they took us out for a date and we have been meaning to plan another one. When we say that we can't wait, we mean that we cannot friggin' wait because there is so much love from us towards these two.