Warren and Amber decided to do things a little differently. Let's rewind a bit to two years ago to give you some of the back story. So we met Amber at a wedding we were working at in which she was the wedding planner and it goes without saying that she was kicking some major butt that day as her usual self does. We instantly became friends (she had a snack room for the vendors, you bet that stole our hearts completely) and after that we said we would stay in touch but little did we know that she would be contacting us for HER very own wedding. More than just being flattered, we were excited to hear her love story since we knew just how many she had heard and now it was her turn. No too long after she contacted us, we finally met Warren, and to this day, he's one of the nicest guys we've ever had the pleasure of sitting down with (and he was a cop back then, now a SWAT officer so we had never felt safer #truestory).

They actually decided to have two weddings instead of one (remember she's a wedding planner aka the equivalent to Superwoman for planning). They eloped to North Carolina for the formal one, but brought the real party down to Florida, which is where we joined them at, and above you'll see exactly what went down.

All the best to this incredible duo, that are killing it out there in the world.