Everything started as a plan on a piece of paper we wrote sitting in a Starbucks. To see where God has led us to, has blown our plans away completely. Now, we can genuinely say that we are so excited that you have landed here and we hope that we get the chance to meet you, hear your story, and get you to that finish line at the altar.

Both of us have been on the photo + film journey for quite a few years now. Pablo spent a whole summer in a film camp back in highschool and was sold on the dream that this is what he wanted to do and Dani got her first little camera for her 15th birthday (it was either a party or a camera).

Who we are today, is so far away from who we were when we first started Colors of Grace. Back then, we started wanting to be the “next big thing,” trying to impress everyone left and right, and we were not as authentic as we called ourselves to be. We were more worried about numbers instead of hearts and stories, we were more worried about what people thought of us than of how we could serve people. But in these last almost five years, especially the very last one, oh how the tables have turned. God has taught us closely about how to apply humility, love, and deep respect for what we do and the people we do it with. The ups and downs of five years have molded and matured us to be two business owners that are also human beings. And then, when we got married, and everything changed. We started putting work above our marriage and little by little both CoG and our personal lives started to fumble. Fast forward to today and we have a whole brand new foundation in our lives where priorities are ordered, where responsibility is equally distributed in our professional and personal lives, where we are business owners but we are also married and in love.

Sitting here in 2019, we can honestly say that we are working hard to give you and ourselves the best version of Colors of Grace and of Pablo + Dani. Now our foundation and our vision for our company changed: Our biggest job is to take care of our couples, to give them the moon and the stars in whatever way we possibly can. We want you to trust us, to confide in us, to feel loved by us.

We want to be more than just your photographers/filmmakers. We want to be a friendly face, we want your mom/cousins/sisters/brothers/dads to remember us. And truthfully, we would love to have the honor of building a longterm friendship with you. We want to be remembered.

We want to give you an unbelievable experience from beginning to end that will leave you certain that you made the absolute BEST decision on choosing us.


Growth, maturity, love, and faith are the words that can best describe our life today. We are about to make it to our second year of marriage and boy do we have stories to tell you. Time has flown by and we cannot believe we’re here already. Overall, marriage is crazy. It’s big, bold, messy, beautiful, hard, and it changes you. We have become two completely different people in two years. We have become better people, more trustworthy, more confident, more adventurous, and we’re so far from being done.

When we first started Colors of Grace, we did not know anything about marriage, in fact we had just begun to date. We knew a dictionary definition of that word and the truth is that it was so far off from what it really was going to be like. That definition in Webster’s sells marriage so short and so stiff. This will be the most life-changing experience you will ever go through and you will most certainly never be the same person. We heard this in a preaching a long time ago: marriage is like a highlighter, it’s marks up all of the good stuff and all of the bad stuff in both people. And that, is such a better definition of what this new life is all about.

Marriage is about becoming the best version of yourself, embracing selflessness like never before, of enjoying things you vowed you would “never” do/say/think/try/eat, and about learning how to shape your future holding the hand of another wonderful human being. It’s about accepting flaws, while offering unconditional love; it’s about accepting faults and learning to soothe another heart. It’s about learning how to put God first, above all else.

If you asked us today if would we do this all over again, the answer is yes. Today we are still learning how to date each other, we’re still figuring out which buttons not to press, and we’re always on an organizational mission (how to cook/clean/do laundry/everything else) before kids get here. But do we recommend marriage? Highly. So highly.

Oh and what do we like to do outside of working hours? We’ll tell you all that good stuff once we hopefully get to grab some coffee with you, we like it more that way.


P.S. The film was edited by Pablo + the song was written and sung by Pablo. Yup, you heard that last part right.