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On their days off, they are simply Sebas and Espe, madly in love. On the rest of the days, you can catch them under the name TwoTrends: two incredibly talented and fashion-knowledgeable bloggers based right here in Miami, FL. Not only are they romantically inseparable, but as they so perfectly put it in their bio, they never imagined that "TwoTrends would come into existence by simply dressing and living life together." 

When they contacted us, we had no idea what was in store for us to say the least. Halfway through the session we found ourselves that there was no need to direct but simply let them do their own thing. After their engagement session, we left creatively challenged and refreshed, so pumped to see how the work would look during the post-process. We'll let you guys make the final verdict of the images but in our humble opinion: HEART EYES FOR DAYS.

These two just got married this past weekend (we'll get you some photos ASAP) and are currently living the heck out of life on their honeymoon in Singapore and Bali!