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While trying to write this post up, we found ourselves at a lost for words to truly describe what these two people mean in our lives.

Truth be told, all of our couples completely steal our hearts in some way or another. Jason and Kim though, quickly become family. From the first moment that Jason met with us to tell us that he wanted to propose to his girl, we knew this was not our ordinary client meeting. To say that we simply "clicked" over some coffee and a cinnamon toast crunch bagel would TOTALLY underestimate the friendship and up until this day, we still feel like God knew this one would be essential for the long run. 

Not only did we get to be there before the start of the journey, but they gave us the chance to road trip with them for a day to one of the most awe-inspiring places in Florida that we didn't even know existed: Blowing Rocks Preserve. 

Kim let Jason take care of all of the planning with the photo + film during the wedding planing process and bro, we think you did real good (wait no, not tooting our own horn, just seriously ridiculously happy you chose us to come along for the ride). Since they gave us a free pass to go all out with creativity, we have big things things in mind that we will be creating with all of the footage we have from their different life stages. We even think that to this day, the stuff we have planned, might have never been done before, so we're ready to bringggg it.

Freaking pumped to see it all be put together (we'll keep you posted) but FOR NOW...we leave you with the beautiful faces of two really incredible lovers that we so greatly admire.