They wanted something a little intimate, just them two. This way they could give their whole hearts to celebrate the love that they had shared for years and to solidify the promise before God. A few hours before they headed to the courthouse, they met up with us and let us come along on a sweet coffee breakfast date to document the morning of their civil wedding.

It was so early that the Miami Design District was still sleeping, little by little waking up as the shoot progressed. They had the place to themselves, to kiss and giggle, and to share little snippets of the future plans they were dreaming up that day.

Guillermo and Stella were a unique experience for us, because we crave the intimate moments with couples so much and with them it was just that from start to finish. We had not met in person until this day and awkward hugs were not even a thing, it was as if we had known each other all along.

A lil tune for the ride.

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