These two have managed to take up such a special place in our hearts. From their own personal journey to how life and it's crazy turns connected ours with theirs, we can only say it was truly an incredible moment to be the chosen eyes to document the moment when they got engaged. So beautiful on the inside and out, we hope you get all the feels we experienced and more after you take a look at the imagery from that day.

Meet Jason + Kim.

When Jason contacted to let us know that he was interested in having us there for his proposal to Kim, we immediately said yes! Never before had we had the opportunity to photograph or film such a special moment and for such a sweet couple as them, who could resist? This is where the story gets good: the best part is that Kim actually went to college with me (Dani)! I remembered clearly when Kim told me the whole story of how she met Jason because they had just started talking and when I saw that email pop into our inbox I knew that this was not going to be just an ordinary job. We ended up spending the entire day with Jason preparing everything for the big moment that was going to occur later on that evening.

We visited West Palm Beach, ate some rockin' burgers, and finished our day full of joyful tears as we heard her reply to his question...