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These two were a party and a half ever since the day we met them! Joey and Gladys highlight the true definition of the kind of love that has no set rules written or to be followed. Coming from two different cultures was no obstacle for their hearts to still fall for one another and that is the beauty of this couple. Instead, it became the adrenaline to take a step in faith for each other. 

Somewhere between dounts and smooches, they let us document part one of their tale, before the white gown and tux are put on in February 2017. 

We are thrilled to be by their side on this journey as they fearlessly defy the odds of what the world has decided love has to look like, be like, or feel like. They reminded us to laugh it up always and on the extra good days, pop on our best shades and take on life as it comes our way.

Next time we see them, they'll be looking just liiiittle different but equally as cool, we've got no doubt 'bout that.

P.S. Shoutout to The Salty Donut (we linked their site, no need to thank us) and these round, ridiculously delicious, heavenly creations that have made life complete for everyone and anyone that bites into them. Trust us. Put them on your PLACES TO VISIT list for South Florida - you just might move down here for these.