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The story about how we met these two is just plain hilarious/amazing. Let's take it back to a day in summer 2016 when we were at a Panera getting our work on. Back then, we were still in our mobile office that had several convenient locations at Paneras and Starbuckses (if that's even a word). 

Since we live in Miami, summer days are either rainy as can be or melt-worthy hot - this one was, unfortunately, the latter. We ended up having to sit outside that day due to our office being filled by unexpected customers and next to us, were two girlfriends chatting away about wedding plans. Yuuup you guessed it, the bride was Anais. We were slightly eavesdropping (we're so sorry to whoever was on the other side of the call) and we overheard that she was speaking with a photography company about her January 2017 wedding.

With all of our courage mustered into one tiny business card in Pablo's hand, he stood up (because he's def the social butterfly of the two of us) and introduced us shortly after she ended her call.

This is where it gets good...well even more good than all of the above. Turns out that she had been eyeing our work just before we sat in the table next to her! Like seriously, what is life?! From that moment on, we were officially booked for our first 2017 wedding with Juan Luis and Anais (their names rhyme we knowwww and for real, it's so adorable).

Look out world because 2017 is here and these two are almost husband and wife.

#JuAnaisEverAfter heck yes a thousand times!