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We are Pablo and Daniela.

AKA the Tineos and we are the husband and wife duo behind Colors of Grace. God has given us the incredible opportunity to create a career out of our passion of photography and film. We specialize in creating bold and modern photographs and films that are timeless with a twist. That word “twist” means the story, personality, flavor, and uniqueness of each and every single one of our clients. We understand romance, passion, and intimacy and we can confidently say that all of these components need to be understood in order to interpret who you are in an artistic, beautiful, but accurate way.  

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It has taken us 4 years of owning Colors of Grace along with shooting over 50 weddings to perfect our craft. Today we can boldly say that we will not rest before giving you an unforgettable experience. We guarantee that at the end you will look back at your photographs and films and be sure that you hired a team that fully understood your story and represented it flawlessly through the art of photography and filmmaking.

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Lead Photographer | Photo Editor | Videographer | Marketing | Client Relations

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Lead Filmmaker | Film Editor | Photographer | Logistics | Client Relations