While we love joining you to photograph and film your wedding day, we love getting to know you so much more. We are driven by your story, the past, the present, and the future, including the dreams that you are planning on accomplishing together one day. All of that is what gives us vision, so we like to invest greatly in the way we handle this relationship with you. We are intentional, attentive, and mindful that you are a man and a woman in love, not just clients. Keeping ourselves aware of this is what gives life to what we do. So around here, we have a particular way of doing things:


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Before anything, we want to get to know you. We’ll start off with a phone call, a coffee date, and some memories made. We’ll guide you through the booking process, ensuring that you select the perfect collection that fits your day. Ask us questions, tons of them, and leave nothing out. We consider this decision to be one of the most important ones and we’ll be here to make sure that you feel at peace at the end of it all.


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During the months before the wedding, we’ll have a few surprises in store for you but the main thing we want to do is stay in the loop. We want to be with you every step along the way, knowing all of the happenings, being of assistance in any way we can. We can provide guidance with timeline planning so that before the day gets here, you already know how and when everything is happening.


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The day of the wedding finally arrives. We’ll be there to be your photographers, your filmmakers, but above all else, your closest friends for that day. Count on us, from start to finish, we’ll be there for it all. After the wedding day is over, get ready. Shortly after the big day, we’ll be sending you those sneak peeks unexpectedly, so be on the lookout. Once everything is delivered, we’ll definitely stay in touch because by this time, we’ll hopefully be lifelong friends.